The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Meeting the Wave

Top picture is my poetry bulletin board outside our workroom, and below is Mrs. M's fabulous painting she just whipped out. She is an amazing artist. I wrote to our office manager today about my personal philosophy on the coming cuts and that I would be prepared to head into the wave. So, one of the decisions I've made is that if the libraries are mostly shut down, I want ours to be prepared, so I'm making a focus on getting the textbooks as much as possible repaired and ready for next year. So today I really cranked out the pile of Prentice Hall Literature Gold books that I've been working on and they were just at the edge of being finished, so I got them done and ready to go back on the shelf. Checked in and out students today, put money into print accounts. Contacted Channel One on the amount of TV's we have that are not automatically turning on when Channel One is turned on each morning. The tech called and will be out next week. We also got a new copier and I took in a brief meeting on how to operate it before I left for the night. Ms. O came by and loves my April calendar!

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