The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

School Board Meeting

Tonight I went with Mrs. H to the School Board Meeting in defense of the library program.I was important for us to go and support the program. I worked mostly on repairs today. Checked out a class set of Algebra 2 V2 books today and checked in their V1 books. I glued and taped and set books for tomorrow. Mr. B our custodian came and put in a screw so we could hang Mr. Sprague's picture above his library collection. It looks really nice.I took it to Affordable Framing and just paid for it myself. My donation to the library. Dealt with money into print accounts, helping kids to print. Checked in and out various books. Helped get the library ready for the SIOP meeting this afternoon. One of our teachers asked for an answer key, and when I went to check, it had never been opened. So I contacted a different person, and asked again for an answer key, so hopefully they will send us one since I never got a response on the other e-mail. That would work for Mr. M!

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