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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wasting Time

So today, I have my pile of misshelved 921's and the boys responsible. Last week, they were given these books to shelve, and they walked to the backside of our rolling shelving and basically dumped all the books there. In my best 'mom' voice, I let them know that I went over to shelf and personally picked out all the books that were out of place. It was a waste of my time, not to mention a waste of their time and the time of someone that might be looking for those particular books. I had a list, and when they were done, I'd be checking each book to see if it was done correctly. (play 'Jeopardy' music here...) I went back over them, and the boys had shelved each book exactly where it should have gone the first time and they promised never to misshelve again! So I gave them each a mini 3 Mint Musketeer bar since I had some with me. Most of today I worked on repairs, did some checking in and out and money into print accounts. Cleared some billed books off the main frame for a student, gave another a '2 texts out' slip to take home. Clicked a couple of the kids out of the gaming they were doing on the computers today and straightened up and closed up the library today since Mrs. H was gone on a field trip with her son.

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