The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, April 11, 2011


Mrs. H and Mrs. M were both gone today. Mrs. H was home with a sick kid and Mrs. M was just leaving for an appointment as I came in. So, I was the only regular here today! I started helping Mr. C get the split screen ready for live announcements this morning. I was the model. I moved up front and needed a bit of help getting my programs up and running on a different computer, so Mr. B helped get that all set up. I had our aides pull up some books for classes. I checked out two class sets of Witness and one of Colored People. I checked in and out all day individual students, helped with print issues and putting money into accounts. Dealt with computer virus, checked the AP testing for one of our administrators, processed in three teacher magazines and five for the library. Checked out a withdrawing student. I had our subs work on repairing Algebra books. Did I even get to breathe today? Maybe, once or twice :)

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