The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flying Pig

Processed in four teacher magazines and three for the library. Since we don't have many more new books coming in, I suggested we each pull about 20 books from the shelves that are new and put them out for the kids to see and check out, so Mrs. H agreed and the racks are full! Checked in Witness and two class sets of Algebra 2 V1. Checked out two class sets of Algebra 2 V2 and a class set of To Kill a Mockingbird. Along with other check ins/outs. Money into print accounts and yes, the ongoing repairs to The American Experience. One of our students has been carrying around this huge stuffed pig (he's very soft, about the size of a 24 pack of pop) and as he got tossed to the floor in the library I picked him up for safe keeping. He was very cuddly and soon reunited with his master :)

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