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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Repairs, Repairs and more Repairs

Oh, my! I need to get this updated - but mostly, a lot of collection maintenance! One of the things I got to do during these three days was a student commented on my screen saver (from my snowshoe trip) how she loved the outdoors. I commented on her shirt (I have one just like it in brown from North Face) and she said she loved Dick's Sporting Goods. I asked if she had read Gert Boyle's book, One Tough Mother (Gert was the head of Columbia Sportswear) and she said she hadn't and checked it out. She brought it back the next day and said she couldn't stop reading it and loved this amazing strong woman. I love it when I get to suggest a book that a student falls in love with and comes away with a great lesson on life.

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