The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Created Equal

Today I came in and Mrs. H brought me the German books we had sent in to get processed, but they were all spread around Dewey wise, so we decided to mark them all in as a set like we've done to the Spanish books. I took care of that. Got a cart ready of Night for Mrs. G. Processed in one magazine for the library. Our aides had bullet speed in shelving the 921's, so I went over and read the back side of that section and pulled about 15+ books that were incorrect. I took them all up for Mrs. M to give to those students the next time they are aides to try again. I also wrote down all the titles so we can check up on them ;) We also had our Created Equal display up front still and decided to put those back into our regular collection. Mrs. H made new labels and as she left, brought the cart over for me to resticker them. We had a box set of materials that I left the box up on the shelf, but took all the materials and put them in a different box up front. So when they come with the box, we can inventory all the different materials and reinventory when they come back in. Checked in and out, put money into print accounts. Closed up the library since Mrs. H took a half personal day.

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