The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Fer How Long?

Went over to South High School this morning and took some Vision lessons from Mrs. W over there. So I brought back her take on all that to Sprague and played around with that on the computers over in my area. I learned to block them all, and open them up for individual requests. I created a screen for the blocked computers and got that up and posted with messages "All Library books are due June 3rd. All textbooks are due June 10th or when you are done with them. Please see Librarians to unlock this computer." and some book covers and a background. It turned out nicely. We just need to train the kids on it and get practice for next year. , Processed in a magazine for us, checked in books and cleared a billed book, got in more Animal Farm from West and processed those in. Put books away in the back, worked on repairs on the old Life magazines. Had a wonderful poet in today speaking to English classes from a local university and we closed the library so they could work with her. Taught Mrs. M how to work the Vision program so she'll try to get it up and running on Tuesday morning when we get back. We are heading into a four day weekend here on Memorial Day and both Friday and Monday are furlough days. Wish I had somewhere to go!

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