The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Wedding!!!

So today I processed in three magazines for the library and one for a teacher and three of them were about Will and Kate's wedding!!! Oh my! I must admit they did not make it out to the magazine rack until after lunch when Mrs. H and I went through them! I printed up inventory forms for a lot of the books that have been used this year so I will do that tomorrow morning when I get in since there is more testing for the AP exams. Did some more repairs, checked in and out books and put money on print accounts. Took all our bills from the day and locked them up this afternoon since even I had quite a few. Talked with a teacher about her old outdated books - that we had sent them to another school, she had forgotten we had done that. Recommended a book for a student who was looking for adventure books, not too long! So I sent him to Roland Smith's Peak, and then he couldn't check it out because he didn't have his card with him - oh my! I took it up to Mrs. M for him so he could pick it up when he got to his backpack later and could get his card. Cleaned off my shelves of all the books I've kept aside for students to check out so I don't have to go in the back to get them. Most of them weren't asked for anymore and it's time to inventory and get ready for the books to start coming in.

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