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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Repairing Origin of the Species

Somehow that just tickles my funny bone that I've been repairing Darwin's Origin of the Species! The book needed some gluing and some new tape on the frayed edges, and we'll laminate the cover with the next set of laminating we do and it'll be ready to go back on the shelf - could I say it's evolved? :) We had an Instructional Assistant come to me today to get book information for a student who will attend in the fall. I guess they will need online versions of the texts we use so she was getting ISBN's and copyrights, publishers, all that information for the person that will work with the student. Two of our aides were working in the back and had some music on really loud, so I started dancing as I took some books back. I may have scarred them for life! Ms. L was looking for a quick book for the end of the semester and since we are all out of Animal Farm, I suggested The Adoration of Jenna Fox and she thought perhaps The Hobbit, so I said how about both. So she checked out Jenna and will see if that will work. Had two teacher editions of texts turned in that were not cataloged, so I did that and put them away. Processed in three magazines for us. Checked in a class set of the Fit and Well books. Judson Middle School sent us some books they thought were a bit too old (age of reader wise) for them and gave them to us, so I removed some of the stickers for our own processing. Mrs. H gave me the new Booklist since it was their Fantasy and Sci Fi edition and I found a few that I thought we should have. We had a book with no barcode on it so she created a new one and I put it on the book and taped it all in. Had students in the blue lab last period that were getting a bit out of hand and when they made a sexist comment, I spoke up (of course!) letting them know that it was inappropriate. It's tough to be a Mom to a school full of kids, but it'll be worth it one day.

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