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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

12 days of School

Finished up reading The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo this weekend and found that The Old Man and the Sea was originally published in Life Magazine. Since we have those archived copies, I looked up the date and pulled the book. There it was! Wow! I e-mailed the Language Arts department and let them all know that we had this incredible resource and one of the teachers e-mailed me back and hopes to use it next year when she teaches that section. Can hardly believe the year is almost over! Took in a lot of books today which is a great thing. Printed up the textbooks out slips for all the teachers and cut them up (some had two or three teachers on a page) and had our volunteers put them into their boxes. Processed one teacher magazine and two for the library. Packed up the Introductory to Physical Science books we had borrowed earlier in the year and sent them to their home. Checked out a class set of Animal Farm. Took down my steampunk calendar and started getting June's calendar together.

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