The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

9 Boxes

That's right, shipped out 9 boxes of magazine holders to other schools today and we still have a hundred or so that we can send out. I hope more ask tomorrow! Worked on the Conceptual Physics books - the rep sent me a link to the high school version, so that's good! Just need to see if the lab manual works with that too, or if there's a high school lab manual we need to get instead. Didn't hear from the Realidades people, so hopefully tomorrow we will. Mrs. H and Mrs. M finally realized I had snuck my birthday past them and today I came in to some presents and a hat that said "Yes, we forgot your birthday!" then they both put on hats that said "Sorry!" on them, it was funny! Then they treated me to a Subway sandwich for lunch :) Checked in and out books here and there, cleared off a billed book. Worked with Mrs. H on some electronic books and sent out some answers to the inventory program I've been helping with to one of our tech crew here in the building.

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