The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Today Mrs. H called and asked if I could come in a little later and finish up proctoring an AP test since she had to leave early, so I did. Worked in the library for a little bit since we were open. I checked our Professional Library from the books we pulled on Monday and cleared that whole subject out of Trac-it. Checked in books and had to reorganize a shelf since a teacher that usually keeps her class set turned them in! But I finally made them all get in the space since there was no where to go forward or back. Pulled the yearbooks that were good for the archive set in the back. Got a lot of them and then looked at the ones I had doubles of to see if one that had a bad page, maybe the other had a good page and I could flip the page over to make a whole good one. Processed in about four teacher magazines and four for us. Boxed up more surplus books. I had about 15 minutes of proctoring I got to do when Mrs. H left. I got to tell them they had 10 minutes left and then collect the tests and turn them in. It went really well. I've never done it before and the importance of the tests and what it means to the students made it amazing to be there.

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