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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cleaning Up

Spent most of today cleaning up the back from the stuff we had back there during AP testing. Lots of notes laying around that got taken care of. We had another school request Brave New World a month ago, so I asked the teacher to return copies. None have really come in, so I looked at his schedule and saw that the class that was using it was just about done for the day, so I raced down there and knocked on the door and pleaded for five more copies so the school could get them in, and voila! I walked away with five copies! I called immediately and the textbook librarian over there actually drove over to pick them up. I was so happy that we finally got that together for them. It had been crazy with AP testing going on. Had one of our aides look for all the shelving we have scattered all over the back and he piled them up for us. Processed in a bunch of magazines and got them out. Checked in three class sets of books today so I hope our 'books out' numbers are going to start heading down! Worked on the inventory sheets that Mrs. M worked on and listed books that were supposed to be in as 'lost.' Still have a lot to do. Mrs. H also decided to get the old magazines out the door instead of keeping them since they will all have to be packed, so with the table now all clean, I can start withdrawing all the 2010 and 2011 copies and put them out for teachers to use in their classes. We hardly ever use the old copies, so it is a good call.

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