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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Like a Squirrel

I hoarded today. All the books on top of our depository are now all safely bedded down for the summer. Didn't have to give any away though I still shifted some shelves today. I have snuck those books into cubbies and crannies and they may have to come out next fall, but for today, I'm rather pleased with my squirrelyness! I hope I can hunt them down in the fall and they won't go to seed! (Since some of them are horticulture books, it may just happen!) Cleaned off the top of the shelves so that all the empty boxes are on one shelftop now and just a few Baker and Taylor boxes on another. Got all the Life magazines down and a bunch of magazine holders out for teachers to take if they choose (though I did keep some for us). Processed in six magazines for us and two for teachers this morning too! Called a mom to say that no, the book they had paid for is still missing, but if it shows up they will get a refund. Got all the yearbooks put away and bedded down for the summer as well (except for four that I'm plundering to get two good ones out of the four cut up ones.).

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