The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, May 10, 2012


Got one of the back rooms all cleaned out today and after the tech crew went through the boxes of cords and techie what nots, we tossed it in the purge dumpster. Got stuff up on shelves in the back. The last of the Principles of Technology Unit 1 and the new Algebra Connections Supplements all found a home on the shelves. I also went through all our yearbooks and organized them by years. Some only have one for a year, others had up to five copies! When we got back into the library I ran the rest of the inventory reports and checked the barcodes on the remotes. Checked out the list of books to a teacher that Mrs. M had just hand written them out to him before I got in. Went to my Thursday morning meeting and those are now over for now. The tech guys just need to do some tweaking on the program, but otherwise it's just about ready to go. We had a former student/library aide stop by today who joined the Navy and it was so good to see him! Mrs. M and I both gave him a big hug, he looks so much more mature since December - they have done him well!

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