The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, May 11, 2012


Today the library was fully used by the AP Testing, so we were all in the back working. Mrs. M did an amazing job knocking off the inventory of books in. I worked with Mrs. H on cleaning stuff out. Took in batteries so I could test remotes for equipment we have and found quite a few! The rest are in the 'free' pile. Cleaned out boxes stacked in places, took cardboard to the recycler bin, filled a whole pushcart bin with stuff to throw away and leafed through most of the old yearbooks to see which ones were all in one piece and which were cut up. So funny to start running into teachers who started here in 1983 and how they looked then! Mrs. H also found an original copy (we think) of the land deed to Sprague from 1934! It looked pretty authentic to Mrs. H and I! She took it to Mr. S, our principal and he is going to take it to the district legal/archive/important things people to make sure it's all good!

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