The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Bulletin Board Day

I love my bulletin boards and so I finally started my Shakespeare "All the school's a stage" one today and by the end of the day it was awesome! Ms. S came by and said "Oh, I have a Globe theatre set, would you like to use it?" Ah, yeah!!! So she brought it by and it is PERFECT!! I'll just have to remind myself to work and not play with it! Got in our new, new Conceptual Physics books so I let the teachers know and had some of our aides work on them today so when the barcodes get here, we'll be all ready to slap them on and get them to the class rooms. Took the last six boxes of the new/old Conceptual Physics down to the office to ship over to North HS.  Got some extra textbooks for a girl who can't carry things back and forth whose mom came in to arrange that. Took care of some lost books. Checked out a class set of Friday Night Lights to Mr. G. All in all an exciting and busy day!

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