The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, September 17, 2012


Friday the 14th - Had to get home and off to Oktoberfest so I didn't do this! Got in to a whirl of activity, Mr. S had driven over to get some American Pageant from another school for Mr. N so we were able to check those out. Figured out why we had 91 extra Chemistry books on our list, they were actually teacher resources so now I'm getting all the ISBN's and information so they can have their own place and not with our student editions. The library is pretty cleaned up now, just some more books on carts. Mr. D came by and got some books we had extra of for his school. Mrs. H went home early so I had the library basically to myself for the afternoon after Mrs. M left for the day, so I was busy with lots of student help! Yeah! Then home and off to Oktoberfest with our granddaughter's first Oktoberfest at Mt. Angel! Can we say Chicken Dance? :)

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