The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Today I got through another whole set of magazines and still not done. Hopefully I'll get all done tomorrow! Got in the new barcodes for the Realidades 3 so they are now all ready to go. Checked in and out books all day. Set up my contacts list, turned in my employee check list. Worked with our textbook coordinator about the transfer process, and he's also sending me the barcodes they have for our Chemistry books since Destiny says we have 91 more than what we do! I will check them all out. Got in our extra Chemistry books so I was glad that kids were coming and getting them. Got in the new Geometry Supplement books so I'll start on them tomorrow or the next day. Had to send an email out for book requests since quite a few teachers have not yet been in for books and other schools are 'you have some available! We want them!' So we should have still more checkouts, though we did get all the books off the tables in the library today and just on carts for now. It's always a big relief when the tables get clear. Helped a student learn our library search engine and he was able to find the book he wanted and I put in a request for it. Happy day!

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