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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Everything, almost

I tried to keep a log today of what I did completely, so here it is, almost completely - I'm sure I missed a few things here and there! Checked out 40 Friday Night Lights to Mrs. P. Checked out ten dictionaries to Mr. M. Went to check out teacher resources to Mr. C and found some of them were already checked out to students - what? So I emailed our Mr. C and asked and he had no answers. So I checked them back in and out to spanish Mr. C. A student came looking for ASL books and we didn't have them anywhere. We combed the entire library and back rooms, nothing. They wanted them all put into binders, but the other ASL teacher that has that did it on her own. Talked American Pageant books with Mr. N and had two students come in and trade their old ones for new. Processed in two teacher magazines and three for the library. Got in our desparately needed teacher edition Biology books so I went to hand them to our very patient teachers. Took back a class set of Chemistry books and checked them back in so we can check them out to students. The class sets teachers use have tape running from the top corner of the first book, down to the bottom corner of the last book so they can see instantly if any are missing - a very cool trick! But I had to peel all that off the Chemistry books, but it came off very easily. Put paper in the workroom copier for a teacher (we keep it locked up!). Had a fire drill. Checked in Journal of Finn Reardon books from a teacher and began the task of renumbering them from their barcode. We use them a lot, so might as well get started on the new numbering system. Looked up some library books for a student and requested them from another school. Processed in two replacement textbooks. Got all the books that need repairs into one pile and all marked in the system. Had a desparate student ask if I could repair his composition book and I tried to reglue it for him. I rubberbanded it together and told him not to mess with it for a day. We'll see what happens. Cleaned out my email 'in' box. Checked in and out various books during the day. Put money into accounts. Got all the Realidades 3 teacher resources where they belong on the shelves. Had a call from the office on some 2012 voting pamphlets if they belonged down in the library or not, I told her I think they belong to speech Mr. C. Cleaned out our belongings closet, there were still some books and things in there from the summer bond work. I think that's about it. Mostly.

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