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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Actually, this post is for yesterday, Tuesday 9-11. I'll never forget that I was working in the cafeteria as the manager at Sprague on that morning and had to continue on with the day. Our custodian kept me informed as to what was going on since I didn't have time to sit and watch, thank you Mr. B. Finally got around to start entering in the magazines from the summer. I enter them all in Insignia and then tape the spines, sharpie on name and date, print up the labels (I do 30 at once!) tape over the labels, put the current issue in the holder then put them in the display and the extras in our magazine rack. More check outs today, put in an order for more Realidades 2's, we'll see if it goes through or not. The languages admin said 'no!' but our principal said 'yes!'. Asked for some more Bien dit! 2's as well, but that was from another school so hopefully we can borrow. Got in barcodes for the Realidades 3 and noticed they were coded for the wrong school, so I called and they said not to use them, so I lined them out. They called back 5 minutes later and said 'go ahead' explaining that they were our code in the computer, but had to print them out under another. Man, I am just too quick this year! They printed up some more and I should get the new ones in the mail today. Sent out emails and went to the Classified Staff meeting. Had to get my sheet and almost have that ready to turn in. I'm missing some 'classified staff memo' that I'm supposed to have and have read. So I've requested it. Sent another email to our office manager to order our magazines for the year - she usually does that in July, but with the bond work she hasn't done it yet and our subscriptions are starting to run out, so I gently hinted at it and she said she was working on it!

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