The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, September 7, 2012


Wore in my rennaisance faire outfit today since I'll be off to The Shrewsbury Faire this weekend and had fun telling the kids about it! But, still checked out books. Caught a few teachers before we ran out of books and had them check out class sets so they'd have enough for the rest of their classes - glad to be on top of that rather than the 'oh, we're all out'. So now the kids will have the books in class at least and most also have them online as well. Got my desk almost all cleared off and the back room is nearly totally unpacked and things back where they belong. Did repairs on five AP English books so we can get them checked out on Monday since kids have been added to classes. Had the books, but they were falling apart and I wanted to be careful with them. Tried to start the Mandatory Training but never got around to it, so I will have to do it Monday, or at least next week sometime. Still have classes coming in on Monday so we got all set up for that. Figured out how to put books into repair catagory. Checked out some library books and helped a student who needed two sets of books, one here and one for at home. Had our art teacher try to sand off the stamping on the physics books and he did a great job, but you can still see the marks from sanding - drats! Have an idea for my bulletin board since I haven't done that yet either! But things are falling into place and school goes on!

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