The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Sent out an autodialer tonight for all overdue books and all lost books. I couldn't combine them, so we sent out two. One was for all lost books, so I let parents know that their kids could return them to Bush, and I'd make sure they got to the school they belong to. Got in and started computers, then worked on inventory. Got through the O's! Worked in Mrs. M's room putting together summer reading packets then listened to kids read. Lunch time, then cafeteria duty. Had one girl hug me because I'd be at Leslie next year. A few more told me they were happy I'd be there too! Checked in a few books. Had a couple of kids ask if they had turned in books or not. Then up to Mrs. M's room for the whole afternoon. The kids were doing an art wrap up for the year, I helped hand out some snacks. We also went down to the library computer lab and I watched the kids in there while Mrs. M worked with kids on their overdue homework. I went around telling them they had to whisper to each other. I think it worked! Mrs. M came in once when they got loud and we went back to whispering. Then up to the room and she started a movie and she told me she was sure I had plenty to do in the library, so to go ahead and do that. She is so nice to me! So I got the autodialer all set up, then off to get my hair done!

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