The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, June 16, 2014

One to Go

Spent time in the computer lab today cleaning, arranging wires, bagging up the keyboards, mice and screens for the summer to keep the dust off. Had to really scrub the counters in there. Just ground in dirt from the kids and their hands this year. I really took some time in there since I never really had time to do it during the year. Makes me sad that the kids had to put up with smudgy conditions. Did more notes on what the new person will need to know. Finished off the bilingual stickers for the Everybody and Fiction books. Put the last of the books away. Both carts are empty and in the back of the workroom. Started working on putting the bilingual stickers on the non-fiction. The day rolled by pretty fast. Tomorrow is our library end of year meeting and my last day at Bush. Spent some time thinking today about what this year has been like in elementary. Sometimes I feel like a real heel to leave here, other times I just don't think I could do another math afternoon! I worked hard, tried my best in spite of it all. Will turn in all my badge and parking sticker tomorrow. 

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