The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

New Digs

Got the call this afternoon. I applied for the Library Media Assistant over at Leslie Middle School and they offered me the position today, so I accepted! I am so excited!! I will start there in the fall, August 25th. That made my day! Came in and got computers up and ready for students to look for books for the library. Yeah! Insignia worked so I got started on inventory. I got through the Everybody books through 'D'. Had three classes this morning. My Book Request tub has a lot of slips in it. That makes me happy. Then my lunch, and off to outside for our school BBQ. It was nice to have it outside, so much less noisy! Then I did a bit more inventory (did the 'D's) then off up to Mrs. M's class and we got the class ready for the staff/fifth grade kick ball game. They got to sit on the sidelines, and it was hard to keep them in line out in the nice day for an hour! But, we worked it and the fifth graders won the game and we went upstairs. Got the kids their snack, then Mrs. B read to them while Mrs. M took off for the day. Then we got the kids down and out the door for the day. I went back into the library and saw the email from HR and called! Huzzah! Our principal was in the library getting ready for a staff meeting so I let her know that I had accepted the position. She was so gracious and kind. I will miss the amazing people at Bush. They are truly professionals who care about their kids. Then we had the staff meeting. She announced our interim PE coach was off to Liberty, and that I was off to Leslie. A lot of people came and congratulated me. It's been quite the experience!

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