The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Said Goodbye

Said goodbye to my Kinders today. It was their last day in the library. Came in and worked on more inventory and got the E's, F's, and G's all done. My three classes, then lunch time. Cafeteria duty, then my last kinder class and some time to work on repairs. Then to help Mrs. M. Monitored some students that needed to finish math quizzes. Then we went outside for a science experiment, changing a liquid to a solid. They poured chocolate milk into a little baggie, then ice and rock salt into a big baggie. Sealed up the little baggie, put it in the ice/salt, sealed that up then tumbled them around and the milk turned to ice cream. Pretty cool! They seemed to really enjoy it. Cleaned up the library from my classes today, turned off all the computers. Took all the books that I had to pull from my stack while I was doing inventory (a bunch of 'G' books were all invalid barcodes!) to get ready to take to LMSS. Our last Friday with kids. Goodbye Kinders!

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