The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

A Joyful Noise

Today was the end of the student term! They all left at noon and all the staff were invited for a yearly tradition of making as much noise as possible, gathering up in the office area, then down the stairs to the buses. Waiting for the buses to leave then up the stairs and down the front of the building. It was loud! I had a bunch of change (with three nails and a rubber band) from my husband's change container in an old hard plastic CD-ROM container. It was loud. Mrs. V had a big golden bell she hit with a mallet. Mr. H had two plastic boxes he banged together. There were all kinds of things, pot lids, xylophones, it was fun. Classes were only about 22 minutes long today and we had a great talent show! A couple of the students I was "Oh my, that should be on America's Got Talent!" they were really outstanding! I shifted shelves today, trying to pick up slack for all the books. I know once the students come back, there will be room again, but the best time to shift is when most of the books are home! I also signed off on a lot of staff worksheets for the summer. A very busy but fabulous day! I'll miss the students, now's the time I need them to work!

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