The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, June 15, 2015


That's the number of books I checked out to myself today as I left for the summer! Still had to check in books today! I know at least one student will be glad of that! Worked on teacher reports today. Checked off the new books that came in off my list! They are all here (and some are in my box of summer reads...) Packed up the last set of new books to send to LMSS over the summer so we'll have more new books to put out when the new year starts! Finished moving shelves, took more excess books into the back. If I knew a book had maybe been checked out once, and we had three copies, I took one out. That made a huge difference! Got all the last books shelved. Even the non-fiction which I put off to the end! Ended up moving shelves in the 600's through the 745's and it looks better. I put a lot of the graphic novel stuff on the shelves by the check out desk, so now the regular non-fiction is drawing books. We have a lot of those! Got my review today and Mr. M was so kind, thoughtful and gave me way more kudos than I thought I deserved. He is an exemplary admin so it just is natural we are exemplary! Great leaders make good followers! I am truly looking forward to a wonderful summer and coming back August 31st! Happy summer everyone!

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