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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dust Bowl

Ugh. Took nearly all the books off the tops of the shelving and decided to dust. Ugh! Spider webs and potato bug bodies, one ant (still alive) and a ton of dust. Shifted shelves to get things to fit in. According to my report we checked out 13, 428 books this year, nearly 1,000 over last year. That made me happy! And last year 500 didn't make it home by June 2nd and I only have 200 still out. That's amazing! I hope more come home before I leave for the summer. We still have to do locker clean out, so hopefully a lot will be in there. Signed up to be on the staff/student basketball game. Can I just sit in a chair and read a book on basketball?? Like one of our non-fictions in the 796.32 section? Or The Crossover our Newbery Award winner?? Got more books put in the back so carts could be free. Had teachers start to bring back their textbooks so got them checked in and put away. Lots of paper to put in the copier. Had to work with both our copier and student printer today from jams. Our student printer is such a princess. Touchy, will only work with a certain amount of paper in it, will print page after page of images and printer checks. She is a diva! Found out we give a Voracious Reader Award and was told to let our office manager know. So I looked up our student reader and found a cool certificate site that I could edit and put in what I wanted. She checked out 148 books this year! So I was able to print it on card stock to present to her next week. Graded my aides' book reports from last grading period. I will give them out tomorrow. 

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