The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, June 4, 2015


So a bit for me for Monday, I took the plunge and headed out to the band room after school to stand in at the orchestra for Monday's assembly! I'm very excited! They gave me the xylophone!! I've always wanted to play the xylophone! One of my favorite things to do when I take the granddaughters to Gilbert House is play theirs! So I get Beauty and the Beast and Uptown Funk to play. Uptown Funk, I can basically hit E flat and that'll do it! Beauty and the Beast will be easier! So I'm all set! Lots more books came in today and my aides did well with that. I sent off books back to schools. Have a few more to repair before I send them back. Worked more on my audio list. Had my phone out today since my sister-in-law had a double mastectomy this morning and I was waiting to hear how she did. A very anxious day, but all went well. Printed up fine lists for each aide and had them go out and try to find missing books and they each found one or two! That was great! That's about 8 books or so that won't come up that students will say "I turned that in!" and the bookkeeper will come down and find it and say "Yep, here it is on the shelf." So, glad I had them check for that. Back to Beauty and the Beast, maybe I could get my library modeled after the Beast's library?

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