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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Voracious Awards

Today we had a most Voracious Award day! We had a very, very long assembly (nearly two hours!) where we recognized all our amazing students. Straight A's all year, Straight A's all three years here at Leslie, band members, cookie company, athlete of the year, ELL, Turn Around Awards, our Donovan Award winner, PRIDE students and I got to present the 'Voracious Reader' award! One of our students checked out 148 books this year! That was very cool! I truly enjoyed it! Though I was in a big hurry, thinking we were way over our time, but we weren't! There were other awards, but I forgot them all! More books came in all day and we also had Field Day where the students had over an hour to get their yearbooks, play games, visit, and in the library we had paper, markers and colored paper and board games. I went through our stash and spruced up the Connect Four, Battleship, chess and checkers and Chinese checkers. It was fun to see the kids playing games. Though a bit crazy. Let's just say we lost a few marbles here and there. I put the games away, and some I left out (that they don't ever really play) and the popular ones I put in the cupboard so they will have to ask to play and return them with boards and pieces intact! Had four aides gone today, and only 22 minutes a class for tomorrow! Then they are gone! I can get some real work done then! Had a student looking at books and he shelved it correctly! Then he said he'd be an aide next year and I was like "YES!!"  I think it'll make a difference to have students as aides who really want to be there. That would make me very happy!

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