The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Today I finished up my spreadsheet with all the Digital Audio Books. That was a lot to wade through! Now I'm looking at the CD books and will start working on those tomorrow. Had a lot of teachers bringing books down. Sorted through Mrs. J's things for her while she's cleaning out her room since she is retiring. Got all the rest of the books put away off the shelves today. Haven't had a lot of books come back since Monday, but did talk to students today who still have books out and they are going to bring them back. Cleaned up some anatomical drawings and inappropriate words off some science books that came in. We are getting some Read 180 things in. They have sent instructions and barcodes, so we'll see what comes in. Saw in my title search that some of my other new books have been added to our catalogue, so hopefully they will show up! I will keep them for next year of course! Fresh start, fresh books! Monitored kids most of today, but tomorrow we are back in a testing environment so I will be holding them more accountable and not letting the ones in who tend to be disruptive. Let a student stay over because he said he needed to work on his roller coaster science project. They all loved doing that today in class and several came back during the day to work it again. The energy they show while they do it is really amazing! Tomorrow is last Thursday for students! Off to the Ram for our Rogue Library Media Assistant meeting and to say goodbye to one of our own who is retiring. We will miss her!

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