The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Only Two Turnovers

For my six minutes on the court today I only turned over the ball two times! Didn't make a basket, tried to dribble and got it stolen, then tried to block a kid way over my size and the ball went out of bounds and they gave it to the students! I can still hear our couch yelling, 'he's so much taller than her!!' It was a good game and the staff did win. I took two books on basketball and held them up to the kids to see while there was a break! One girl at the end of the day said I did good! Yeah! A busy day, but not too bad. Made some room for books that wasn't there before. Helped one of my last aides of the year learn some library skills. Sat down with a boy one period who was just not concentrating, and when I started going over the assignment, he pitched right in and got it done. He said thanks, he just needed someone to help him out. Good deal. Had a lot of people drop off books. Checked in all day. Even checked out just a couple of textbooks so students could finish up assignments. Played basketball. Closed up the library for the weekend. Good to go home! Six more working days!

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