The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015


So today I had a teacher say, 'wow, look at the pond' and I was in shock! I knew of the depression in the ground by where we line up for our fire drills but I've never seen water in it! I want to go and get my kayak! Just so I could say I kayaked at Leslie ;D We had more flying rain today, but some periods of just grey skies. Checked in/out three classes of math books today. Some checking in and out. Both lunches in again today. I had to ban three of the boys from coming in again. They come in and then spend the rest of the time trying to get out, probably to just roam around the school. Worked more on my list for bios/autos/memoirs today. Had it down to $1500 when I left today. Laminated a whole ton of stuff this afternoon. Put away a bunch of math books that had come in over the last few days. Had a student work today putting on barcodes for me to work off his fine. He's doing great. He'll be all done before break. Did a few quick repairs. Read shelves and got all of them done under the windows. Started to put out some books that looked appealing to me since our new books won't be here for awhile. That was fun. Kind of a quieter day, until the mouse squad come in after school I closed my office doors to finish working on the list and laminate! They are very loud!

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