The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Monday, December 14, 2015


Today I worked on my last week before the holidays display. I brought in some netting stuff from home we had used on our Christmas tree one year and put out a lot of Christmas books, a couple of Hanukah books and I even found a Kwanza book! I think that covers them all! Checked in and out here and there. Had both lunches in. I had bought a silver thin lined pen over the weekend, knowing I could use it on the digital voice recorders that we had in. There was no real place to put a barcode, so our Instructional Coach and I decided to write the last four digits of the barcode inside the battery area of each recorder, and it was a tiny space! So I used my pen today to do all of them and now I'll just take it home and keep it since it is mine. Found an unused plastic case and all the recorders fit in perfectly with five of the boxes that are holding the batteries, their USB cords and the serial numbers off the boxes plus the sheet of barcodes. Got my PO for the rest of the OBOB books approved today, so they should be in tomorrow. Got to love Escape Fiction! They really go the extra mile! Ended up adding in a few more books to my bio/auto/memoir list (in case some of the books are not available) and got that sent off. Had another student finish off his work to pay off a book fine. Good for him! Love my library! Hope the Concert Choir comes in to sing tomorrow!

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