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Monday, December 7, 2015

Never Forget

Today I put up a Pearl Harbor display with non-fiction and fiction books about Pearl Harbor and the war in the Pacific. I got to see the Arizona sunk in Pearl Harbor when we went to Hawaii a couple of years ago and I will never forget it. Truly a great memorial to a terrible moment in history. Checked out math books today. It was actually pretty quiet in the library today. Had both lunches in, so they were a bit crazy. Watched great herds and swarms of rain fly horizontally across the broad vista of my windows all day long. Quite the show. Worked on my biography order with Perma-Bound and so far I think I've put $2400 worth of books in my cart! But I only have $600 to spend! I'll have to get that whittled down! Put away a bunch of math books, got a lot more repair books out today. Found some that still need some TLC before they go out too. Staff meeting and I got a Kudo bar because I donated two books (The Survival Guide to Bullying) to our two counselors. I had forgotten about them! Got asked to score the vollyball game tonight and enjoyed that very much! 

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