The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Book Pusher

Another great day in the library! I had time today so when a few boys came in, only one got a book, so I took the others before they could take off and suggested a few things and they ended up checking out also! Yeah! I love to push books! Checked out two classes of math books and checked in a ton more math books today and got them all put back on the shelf. Put away two class sets of social study books for Mrs. B (who is a short timer! Only 7 more days to go until retirement!). Got our Dark Knight Batman book all put back together again, the students will be glad to see it back. Worked more on my bio/auto/memoir list and got it down to $1600! So I printed it up and gave a copy to our instructional coach and our lead language arts teacher to give me their must haves on the list. So we're getting down to the end of that list! Got more of my desk cleaned up. Took home more books for winter break reading. Did more of the math inventory. Wow. We have a lot of math books that I've never heard of, though I did spot some today on top of a shelf "Oh, look, I see those books..." 

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