The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Came in the door to Mr. M telling me to get on working out the doc camera that wasn't working right in the meeting room he was having all the other middle school principals in today! Ended up just bringing up the other new doc camera that worked fine. Found out later I just needed to push a switch over and the first one would have been fine! Argh! I knew about that one from our old AverVision, but didn't even think of that today! They're new! It should have been perfectly on the right one! Shouldn't it?? Had Mrs. S's classes in today to check out mysteries. So all five periods and then Mrs. M came in the other period and they checked out books as well! So I was very busy doing that! After first period I and knowing she wanted the students to read mysteries, I had a list ready and some mystery books on a cart. I tried to pick books the students wouldn't think of as a mystery, but they are on the list from our library program. So I got to help a few (one of my favorite things to do!). Then I was a bit taken aback that I don't think my aides are doing a good job with shelving, so I started to read shelves. Found some definite mistakes. Scholastic finally came and picked up their carts so I could get all the tables back in their places, trying hard to make them all ADA compliant! I love my library. 12 working days left until break!

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