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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Liar, Liar

Oh yes, way too much clutter going on! So I started to clean up today! Still lots of books to check in. Checked in and out lots today again. Only classes in the computer lab though and I actually had some quiet moments! Laminated twice today. Boxed up the OBOB books and sent them off. Cleaned up the book fair stuff I still had around (posters, etc that needed to be tossed.). Gave away the Survival Guide to Bullies to both our counselors and a teacher who wanted it. Put paper in the copier a couple of times today. Had a parent call in that their student was having trouble with lying. They had told him to come to the library and get a book on lying yesterday. He said, yes he had come in and we had no books whatsoever on lying. Hahaha! So we decided I'd check a book out to him and his dad would come in and pick it up. So I picked Gary Paulsen's Liar, Liar. I would love to hear how that went tonight! Had our last meeting today with our Supervisor of LMSS. He is retiring and I will really miss him :( He deserves a great retirement and I have so much respect for how he handled himself, our department and keeping what was left of us sheltered during the RIF's when we lost 57 of our librarian/teachers and were left with just 6 for our entire district. I can't even imagine how he must have felt. So I did leave around 3:10 to get over to Judson for our meeting and enjoyed a wonderful time with him and my fellow Middle School LMA's. Took a bunch of boxes in for one who had hers all used without asking her if she needed them (like for our surplus pick-up in two weeks!!). Glad I could help her out. Anyway, I've done what I can tonight on Mr. C's gift from us, and off to bed with pouring rain. Love to sleep that way! 

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