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Monday, November 30, 2015

Deck the Halls

So maybe more of a 'deck the walls'. Took down my Nanowrimo window placing and put up a count down calendar for the last 15 days of school for 2015. I put up numbers and every day will cover one of the number with a book cover image, so today before I left I put up The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe  for my first book! Talked with our Language Arts people about Auto/Biographies and what they need to see. Possibly more like memoirs, recent celebs, about latinos and soccer stars. Very busy day. Had two classes in to check in and then check out books. Lots of other students doing that as well! Three classes in the library lab and it all made for a very busy day of checking in/out. Started to stamp my OBOB books so I can send those in for processing to get them back before January and the start of OBOB reading. Some of the books I got were only $2.50, some $1! Great deals! Still have our Book Fair, the driver got sick and couldn't make it, so maybe Wednesday they said. I had two of my South students help me start to put tables back since the rolling carts are all closed up. Got the last of my money up to the bookkeeper today so that's all done. Tons of students in and out today, but a great happy productive vibe going on. Loved it!

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