The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Gloves On

Yes, this morning it was so cold I actually put on my half gloves to drive to work! It was cold! Frost on the rooftops, almost had to scrape ice off the window of my car. Got all the shelves named today in the back back room so I'm glad that project is done. Took down my Audio window and put up my two NaNoWriMo posters I have. I also had some flyers from Salem Public Library I put up also. Even had one teacher take one down and make copies to give to her students! Super awesome! Redid the audio shelves since we had gotten in a ton from Sprague so they are all on the shelf now. Cleaned up the books I was using for holding the shelves, put the shelves back on top of the rack in the back back. Checked in and out today. Got in a new book from an elementary, one of the spin off graphic novels from the Uglies series! I was so excited! I might have to buy the other one. Then a student turned in The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane  from his old elementary! I was so happy for him! I had threatened him with having to write his own story of what Edward had been doing since he was with him! Ha! Glad it came back and sent it off to its home school. Ordered some supplies to have on hand for staff and for myself. Did some repair work today. One of favorite thrills is suggesting a book and the student does indeed check it out! I love it when I have the opportunity to do that and it happens! Did it twice today! A lovely day!

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