The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Had in three classes of students in to check out books today, only one with an aide to help out! They were the ones that had done the 'magazine reviews' I had put up yesterday and they were rather excited about it! Had our lovely DLC kids in today. They always make me very happy even though all the books they look at I have to put away! They love to carry the books over to the main counter and put them in the 'book drop'! They always make me smile. Sold a lot at the book fair before school this morning. That was good. Told several students today they had to leave the computer lab because of inappropriate behavior. I make sure I take a screen shot so I have proof! Had our behavior specialist come in and tell me that a young man had stolen from the book fair yesterday, felt remorse and wanted to make it right. He brought in three books to return to the fair, and the fourth he had written in, so he will bring money for that one. I told our Behavior S that he could work for me. She was like 'Really???' I said yes, that that would be more powerful than working for the custodians, so he worked for me an hour after school today. I shook his hand as he left and let him know I was proud that he realized his mistake and wanted to make it right. It truly is wonderful when a student comes to you and 'gets it'. It might take awhile, but they learn from us. Good for him! When I was done, I headed down to the gym and watched our Leslie Lions play girls volleyball. A nice end to the day!

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