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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Lock Ties

I was so smart last night to bring scissors and totally forgot to bring lock ties to retie up the Book Fair banner this morning. So in the rain and wind I had to go into the school, come back out to my car and walk it back out to the street and do it there. Ugh. Well, I do have them tonight so tomorrow morning I can just pull into the old bus stop and put it up, jump back in the car and drive into the school parking lot! Yeah me! Sold more books today. Checked in and out other books. Did all the rest of the numbering on the Butterflies....etc. math books. Laminated stuff. I had three book covers that were definitely worse for wear, peeling, flaking, so I peeled off the old lamination (sort of fun, like peeling off skin from a sunburn...!) redid the jacket on a Harry Potter book (put in the crack'n peel to strengthen the edges) and they all turned out very nice. Put in a request for a couple of Marvel comic encyclopedias from our Books Are Fun guys (they give us coupons to use for our library depending on what people buy! Sweet!) Got my book order finally sent to request approval.  Had Mrs. S's classes in all day to look at the book fair and check in/out books. Busy day! Cut off the banner on my way home - I really don't want to leave it out overnight, afraid someone will steal/deface/rip it. Tonight though the wind and rain would really give it a run for its money.

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