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Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Fair

Yes, our wonderful Scholastic Book Fair opened today and we did good! Came in and got computers started, then remembered I needed to put up our big Book Fair sign out on the chain link fence outside the school! So I ran out and did that so parents, students and passerbys could see that yes, we are good to go! Luckily I remembered to get change on Saturday, so I had change to put in the till. Got all the carts opened up and put books on top. I was taking into the back all the little trinkety stuff and finally decided, 'why don't I just put that cart in the back??' and that worked perfectly! Mrs. V brought in her students to browse and make sure they had library reading books. Sold about $129 worth today! I think that was the best first day ever! Numbered Butterfly books (the 8th grade math books..). Got a call from Scholastic that someone had found a very inappropriate playing card that was stuck inside a book, so they asked if we could riffle through all the books to look for any more of the cards, and they were willing to give us all another $50 scholastic credit they thought it was so important so I spent the last of the day going through all my books. Got over half done, so I'll do the rest in the morning. After I was done, I went and watched a little bit of our girls doing volleyball. It was fun to watch! Then outside to pick up my signs and put in the car for the night and I'm glad I did, the wind is really picking up tonight and I'm glad they aren't out there getting pounded!

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