The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Started this morning with noticing one of our brand new Jedi Academy: Phantom Bully books was missing! No one had checked it out and it was gone :(  I did find it at the end of the day as I was shelving books over in the 700's. I'm so glad it wasn't lifted! Then I had a student come in to get a new book. He has a fine, and had a book out. So I asked him where it was and he said he had brought it in and had just put it on a shelf. He thought over by fossils. Really?? We looked at the fossils and I couldn't find it. Again, as I was shelving at the end of the day I found it in the cat section! Which really made me laugh because it was a book on Audubon and there was a book on birds sitting in the middle of the cats 636! Ha! Got approval to send off the new books for processing, so packed them up and sent them off! Had my girls in again today to work off their fines. Using them to stamp and barcode the math books. I think they are enjoying it! Had another student in today getting a new binder since hers was broken. A friend came in to 'help' but did not have a pass, so I sent her out. Laminated early today since Mr. D had to get some stuff started, and didn't return! So since the machine was on I went and did all the stuff that had already come in. Had some repair books all good to go so changed their status and put them out. Flattened out all the rest of the cardboard boxes so my aide can finish taking them all out tomorrow to the recycle bin. I'm sure there was more, but time for me to go and read!

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