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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Two Alarm

Yes! Count them! One, and two fire alarms today! We had one in 2nd period and another during 5th period. I was a bit cold for the first one, but it really was quite lovely for the second one. I had students in the library both times, so had to get their names and teachers and send the notice in that those students were in the library. Spot #33 is the library line up spot. I do enjoy getting to go out of the back library door. The rest of the day was pretty much normal stuff. Put books into maintenance. Checked in and out here and there. Put away non-fiction stuff. Had both lunches able to send students to the library today. Then I got a call from LMSS that they had not submitted my order yet. It went to my librarian supervisor a month ago. There is no way we will get our books before winter break. I was so sad :( Then I looked at the order and it was $3100!! My order was only $1900! What happened?? It turns out that one of the librarians put an order together for all the middle school libraries, and they took her order and just added mine on top. Oh my! That needs to change! So I spent time going over the order from me, the order all together and pulling out some of my stuff, taking things I had ordered two of and reducing that to one. I did get approved to beef up our auto/biographies though, so on Thursday I need to take out any books of that genre and put it on that other list. So hopefully that will bring it down. My budget would have only been about $300 for the entire rest of the year if that had gone through. Wow. I thought I could get it all done today, but just not enough time left, so I'll have time to be thorough and get what I really want and need.

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