The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Below Freezing

So tonight is rumored to be below freezing, so I have one of the students paying penance help me close all the windows tonight. He came in after school and I had him check in books, then clean up our computer lab. Turning everything off, sweeping the floor, air dusting the keyboards. He did a good job. Had more sales today. I put more books away. Gave work to our substitutes that had prep periods so they came to me asking if I needed help. One I put to work putting back out all our Scholastic trinkets. After she finished that I had her straighten out the non-fiction shelves. Another lady finished up putting barcodes in the back of the math books, then later when she came back, I had her putting the numbers on the ends of them. Another sub came in just as a pack of boys came in with a project to work on and I asked if he'd ride herd on those boys. He did a good job, but those boys do not focus well at the best of times and on a Friday before nine days off, well, I'm not sure what I would have done without him! He did great, even though the boys were not near their best ;) Thank goodness he was there to take them on! I pulled old laminating off the books so I can relaminate them on Monday or Tuesday. Took money in from the fair. Got in our restock for the book fair. Rode herd on all the kids coming down to finish up projects and all for the grading day and conferences next week. Glad that one is over and no one got hurt! Fun times this morning. At the end of announcements they played "Shake it Off" so I started dancing behind the main counter & all my South kids got a laugh at that. Thought I did pretty good & one of the gals was dancing with me! Fun!

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