The daily life of a Middle School Library Media Assistant.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


So today I got in and quickly put up my word for the day. Took my box of Scholastic Book Fair flyers out to all the Language Arts teachers. Put the dates on my posters. Got an email from Mrs. M who asked if I could do a book talk for her 1st period and 5th period classes. 1st period was only a few minutes away! But I managed to pull a few books and give a talk on those and even got a few of them checked out. It was a bit easier for 5th period! Put in a blurb for our December newsletter highlighting our Axis360 eBook system. Asked for the book fair to be on the school's webpage. Had both lunches in today. Got our COW (Cart On Wheels) out so the lovely Mrs. T could get all the new Chrome Books in it and set up for teachers to use. I had to find a spot to put it in where it could be on charge so I pushed over the desk in the workroom and that seems like it will work out just fine. Various other books in and out today. Sent in my revised order for Baker and Taylor. Worked on looking up some new auto/biographies during the Leadership meeting this afternoon. After work I went to our PLC meeting, then over to the hospital to take a card and present over to Mrs. B. She looked and talked very much like herself, but also very tired. She said she's been sleeping a lot. She needs to heal! Sleep is good! Then over to Salem Public to pick up a book on hold. A good day and pizza waiting for me at home! Love my hubby thinking of me!

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