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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Don't Take Mrs. Willer's Word For It...

So today I put up the 'magazines' that the students in Mrs. K's class made up. They turned out so good! She was only going to let me have one, but I said, I'd take all three classes! So she gave them to me and with my aide we collected books from their index card reviews and I put together this display. I remember from Reading Rainbow, when LeVar Burton would say "But you don't have to take my word for it..." (still love him! - reminisced with one of the teachers about RR today!) So I put up "Don't take Mrs. Willer's word for it....see what Mrs. K's class has to say about some great books!" Put me in a great mood all day! Did more book fair sales today, just seems so flat though. Not sure why, what is going on. But I'm hoping sales pick up. Looked through 220+ math books today to see if I could find a missing one for a student. Put away a cart full of non-fiction today (I had been slacking on it all week...) rode herd on a ton of students coming in to finish up projects before the grading period ends on Friday. Put the newly laminated jackets on books today to put back out on the shelves. Have a ton of books that need maintenance that I'll do next week. Seems like they are all giving up the ghost! A really good day! But aren't they all?!

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